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Image by Marilena Salamanou

Drapetsona – The industrial silence

If you are a lover of industrial places and you like the ports you should not miss a visit to Drapetsona. It is far away from the center of Athens, as it’s a part of the Piraeus area.

Drapetsona is located close to the Piraeus train station. You can take the yellow bus 20 and stay seated until the last stop. Then you can wander down its narrow streets and gaze at the port from above.

This neighbourhood is part of “prosfygika”. Prosfygika are the neighbourhoods where refugees came to Greece in the ’20s and found a home. You can see small houses with gardens from that time stand out among huge buildings while cats are running around in the yards.

One of my most favourite place for eating, where i go with my family since I was a child, is called “Polyvios”. It is located at 28 Agiou Dimitriou street and it has really special souvlaki. Ask to try “anameikto”and also their special “tzatziki”.

Drapetsona is also famous for its street art. Check the one LFIP made at an old factory or the one that was made at the walls of the “1st school of Drapetsona”

And since last year, a great park – an ex-factory named “Lipasmata Drapetsonas” – has been added to the area and has made it even more charming!

Just bear in mind that Drapetsona is far from the center of Athens!

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28 Agiou Dimitriou, Athens

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24 hours daily


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