Evzones - Tsoliades Athens

Image by Nikos Palavitsinis

Evzones – Tsoliades – Motionless guards

If you find yourselves near Syntagma square, you have to go up the stairs from the Metro station and get a look at the guards in front of the Greek Parliament! Standing there, motionless and speechless for 24 hours a day, with cold and rain, these guards, called “Evzones” or “Tsoliades” are there to pay tribute to all the soldiers perished in wars to protect Greece and its inhabitants. 

Having been an Evzon myself in 2007-2008, I recommend you go there and ask for the person that is in charge of the guards (called Observator), to tell you a bit about the service. Each guard has a partner that resembles him and he is always his partner during their service there. Their uniforms are worth some thousand euros and have been passed on from one generation to the next.

The clothes they wear weigh more than 20 kilos, making it extremely difficult for them to move when they need to! They serve in 1-hour intervals, staying motionless for the most of this time, while they only move every half an hour or when the new guards come to change them! You have to go there around 20 minutes past any hour and stay until the next guards come, that is five minutes past the next hour (e.g. go at 10:20 until 11:05).

This is a place you can’t miss while in Athens! 

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Syntagma Square, Athens

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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