MOMO Athens

Image by Dimitris Asproloupos

MOMO – Get back your stolen time

Have you read the book Momo by Michael Ende? In it, the eccentric, mysterious but loveable girl Momo comes against and tries to stop the Men in Grey. These sinister figures are out to steal precious time from humans by pretending they run a “timesaving bank”, which of course is nothing but.

This cafe/bar/restaurant right in the beating heart of Kallithea has a backyard that’s completely invisible from the street and which you have to cross the deceptively Covid-deserted interior to reach. Once there, the name of this welcoming little watering hole starts to make sense: here you really feel as if the flow of time that over the years has been landing in the hands of the Men in Grey can finally be reversed and returned to you.

Especially at night, the soft, romantic lights accentuate the kind of otherworldly vibe given off by this hidden corner of the city (“are we still really in Athens?”) and one drink can easily lead to another, especially if you opt for the gazebo (!). Here, inspired by Momo, you can forget about the stress of modern life.

This spot is a typical word-of-mouth place, i.e. it’s an “I’m taking you there, you have to see it to believe it!” favorite among friends and colleagues. My own friend & colleague Dimitris first took me there and I’m grateful to him for that.

Momo seems to attract many foreigners, possibly because thousands of people work in the local Teleperformance.

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Sapfous 95, Athens

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09:00 - 02:00 daily

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