6 Best Bars To Visit In Barcelona

Barcelona is recognised for its extraordinary architecture, football, and last but not least, its nightlife. Featuring endless roads of clubs, restaurants, and bars, there’s never a dull moment to be had in this beautiful and exotic city that you’re going to want to see, so make sure you pack your Pure Optical contacts to see everything perfectly. In fact, bar culture is one of Barcelona’s current trends, with each establishment trying to outdo the next. The question is, with so many choices, how can you narrow it down to find the best? That’s where we step in! If time is limited or your stay is short, take our advice and pay a visit to these 6 outstanding bars in Barcelona.

1. Bar del Pla

With a traditional and modest Spanish setting, the Bar del Pla is often frequented by locals who brighten up the humble atmosphere.  Priding itself on its legacy of conventional cooking, the tapas menu boasts seasonal ingredients that are fresh and flavourful. This is the perfect place to share a beer or two with mates if “cosy and comfortable” is your thing.

2. Mercat Princesa

Situated in the square of one of Barcelona’s more Bohemian parts of town, the Mercat Princesa gives you 17 bars in one – making it more of a tapas market that just your regular old pub. Here you can explore history at its finest as you enjoy food and drinks from around the globe. With so much to taste, do, and see, make sure you have your specs or contact lenses in place so that you don’t miss out on all the splendour.

3. Bodega Maestrazgo

Glass of wine anyone? Bodega Maestrazgo is a quaint little bar that’s also home to the oldest wine shop in Barcelona. Loved by the locals, the peaceful setting is ideal for those who simply want to unwind while drinking some of the world’s finest wine. Order by the bottle or by the glass – the friendly staff are there to help you relax and enjoy your evening.

4. Tandem Cocktail Bar

The Tandem Cocktail bar is so “untrendy” that it’s suddenly become one of “the” trendiest spots the city has to offer. Never hosting more than a few tables at a time, this classic cocktail bar has attracted an older clientele in the past but has recently become quite the hot spot for hipsters and tourists who enjoy the finer things.

5. Número Nueve

A modern bar that forgoes the traditional Spanish décor and cuisine, Número Nueve is appreciated for its innovation and playfulness. Serving the most delicious cocktails and daring mixed drinks, this bar will appeal to those who love the hustle and bustle of a popular restaurant. Oh, and the food’s pretty damn good too!

6. Bar La Plata

Simplicity is what makes this bar a treat. With only four tapas on the menu and wine that’s served straight from the barrel, Bar La Plata has been a “home-away-from-home” to the locals for more than 70 years! Perfecting their recipes down to the finest detail, many food critics have fallen head-over-heels in love with this beautifully rustic location.

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