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Gerard Pinar (1990)

About me
Born and raised in Barcelona, I am currently a student and an ‘enjoyer’ of this beautiful city.

I was always one of those curious kids who opened every cabinet, peeked behind every door, and never ceased to ask “why” when given an explanation.

When I was a kid, every Sunday, my dad used to take us to places we hadn’t been before. At 18 years old, I bought my first bike so I could constantly revisit those places with my friends while discovering new ones along the way. I love exploring and encountering new spots I have never seen before – it’s amazing!

Writing for Spotted by Locals I hope to share these experiences with people from around the world.

Why Barcelona?
I love Barcelona and feel so fortunate to live here because this city has so many experiences waiting to be discovered.

Today, I bring my personal style to every spot to transmit my own experience. I live life to discover. I am passionate about my city, always looking to explore the places one wouldn’t find in a travel guide. I have got authentic style, natural curiosity and a warm way with people. Barcelona is not just a place to spend the holidays, it’s a place to discover, a place in the world with kaif.

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