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Sean Hurson (1990)

About me
Although born in Melbourne, the greater part of my life was spent growing up in the West of Ireland – a beautiful place, but small in many ways, I needed to explore and see the outside world.

So, after finishing a degree in Music, Media and Performance Technology, I promptly forgot about it and trained to teach English, purely to give me the ability to live in Spain. Initially thinking I would do three to six months then move on or go home, I’m surprised to find myself still here in Barcelona since 2012, and enjoying my life here more and more each day. However, when you see and experience Barcelona, it’s no longer surprising – it’s clear that this is a great place to be.

I love music, gigs, digital art, video and photography. Skateboarding, teaching English and music technology/production also feature in there somewhere. Also, feel free to get in touch about anything, always welcome to chat.

Why Barcelona?
When I was 15 I came here on a skateboarding holiday with two friends and it changed my life. Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for skateboarding, so our teenage selves were blown away by that aspect. But, at the same time another seed was planted, one that later caused me to choose Barcelona as a place to come back to and live.

That seed has now fully flourished, and I love the people, the culture and the vibrancy of this fantastic city. Most of all, I love just hanging out in the parks or on the streets with friends, playing music and having a good time.

Where can you find me online?

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