Beach Gym Barcelona

Image by Camila Vossen

Beach Gym – Work it!

So maybe you thought there was just 1 muscle beach in the world, situated in California. Well, no! In Barcelona we also have one. Maybe it’s a bit smaller, but it’s definitely as interesting as the one in the US. Interesting for 2 groups of course: the athletes and the viewers (or shall I say voyeurs?)

The beach gym is always busy, in summer and wintertime. You will also see lots of bootcamp groups working out over there. It is kind of the meeting place to exercise at the beach. You will hear music and screaming from different parts.

I was a viewer for a couple of years. But last year a guy from the neighborhood started to teach box classes there, so some friends and I started to get fit at the beach. All of a sudden I was no longer a passive viewer, but one of the guys! Unfortunately, like all my sport careers, I quit after some months, because it got too hot in the summer to work out in the sun of course… So now I just work out my eyes again when I pass by there.

The good thing is that they’ve put in some really comfortable seats there as well. So you can just sit back, close your eyes and relax for a while and let the others do the hard work.

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Passeig Maritim 17, Barcelona

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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