Fira de Santa Llúcia Barcelona

Image by Flickr Ajuntament de Barcelona

Fira de Santa Llúcia – Barcelona must on Christmas

Welcome to my FAVORITE spot in the whole history and in the whole city on Christmas. ‘Fira de Santa Llúcia’ is totally charming with an atmosphere of happiness, joy and “Christmas-ness”. As you might know Christmas in Barcelona is quite different from other places; we have the tree like other countries but we also have “El pessebre” (a performance with moss, sand, wood, water and figurines that shows the birth of baby Jesus and the road the three magic Kings took to bring gifts to Jesus).

During La fira de Santa Llúcia you can find these typical figurines from Catalonia, especially one called “el caganer“; it’s a figurine that you hide in the ‘pessebre’ and guests have to find it. The tradition has evolved to the point where you can find ‘caganers’ of famous people, which are very funny. Another typical Catalan thing is ‘el Caga Tió‘; it’s a tree-trunk with a ‘barretina’ (kind of red hat) and a face drawn on it. The night before Christmas children hit it with a stick and the ‘Caga Tió’ makes some gifts magically appear. You’ll see lots of them there.

So, if you come to Barcelona during Christmas, visit La fira de Santa Llúcia cause you will enjoy it a lot. I apologize, I can’t describe the exact feeling you’ll get when you are there because it’s indescribable; you just have to feel it and let your heart and your mind be captured by the magic of Christmas in Barcelona.

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Details about this spot



Avinguda de la catedral (city center), Barcelona

Opening Times

From 24 Nov to 23 Dec, Mon - Fri 10:30 - 20:30, Sat - Sun 10:30 - 21:30




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