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Image by Carlos Domeque

Graffiti Art – The best graffiti in town

People like Banksy began the trend in the nineties that made graffiti become not just acceptable but also celebrated, to the point that now certain daubs on a wall help to push up, and not down, the value of property in the area. Barcelona’s old industrial quarter of Poblenou has undergone the now familiar transformation from run-down backwater to thriving neighbourhood, where the traditional and the hip jostle side by side and the graffiti on its walls reflects this.

One day, walking along carrer Pallars, I caught the unmistakable clipped vowels of two Londoners as they calmly sprayed their vision on a long stretch of wall. I’d noticed this street corner because pretty much every month the elaborate art on it gets renewed.

The guys I was talking to, fellow runaways from the Big Smoke, explained that this long corner wall is well known among graffiti artists who take turns to leave their temporary mark on a section of it every few weeks. The result is a constantly changing riot of colour and ideas on this junction of carrer Pallars and carrer Ciutat de Granada, which, adorned with an old brick factory chimney, stands out as a living example of the varied stages in the history of this area.

Before I said goodbye to the guys, I couldn’t resist asking if there was ever any problem from the police or the local council, the answer was swift: “No mate, never, this is the legal wall”.

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Carrer de Pallars & Carrer Ciutat de Granada, Barcelona

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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