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Image by Tatiana Martinez

The Zone of Hope – Experience the future

Just when you think you have seen it all, when you think technology cannot go any further from where it has gone already…it can! The Zone of Hope, a project created by Aigues de Barcelona, will make you travel in time to the year 2038, 2068 and 2093. This project is specifically centred on climate change. It is about raising awareness of the importance of climate change and what can happen to the world if we do not start taking care of it.

You will experience first hand the melting of the Arctic, a flood in Barcelona and desertification in the Baells reservoir, in the Pre-Pyrenees.

The starting point of the tour is like the one of an attraction. You start by watching some screens with all the instructions. Once you step in into the experience, you are equipped with what is like a backpack with batteries, sensors for the hands and ankles. Then the most important, the glasses and helmet. Suddenly you become an avatar, transported into another world: the virtual world.

The story of the tour is exposed through a young girl called Violeta. You meet her as soon as you enter. She becomes your guide through this short but intense experience. You travel with her through time, experiencing how the world worsens as she grows up. Also a great thought to reflect upon; if we do not start doing something, what kind of world will the future generation have?

It will be taking place during the next two years.

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