Arax Street Beirut

Image by Nancy Haddad

Arax Street – Shop and discover

Located in the Maten District, in the northeast of Beirut, Bourj Hammoud is within walking distance from Mar Mekhayel. This area is most likely the most densely populated area in Lebanon, with a large Armenian population.

Famous for being chaotic and crowded, Arax is a narrow, outdoor shopping street; a typical Lebanese shopping street, before malls existed.

Here you can find anything from jewelry to clothes, shoes, linens, haberdashery, souvenirs and many others accessories that I cannot find in the shopping malls and other modern stores.

I might spend the day wandering around from a shop to another, especially when looking to fix a shoe, or a leather handbag, even kitchen peppers which I get from Maraash street, another one-of-a-kind outdoor shopping street alongside Arax street.

By the way, bargaining is part of the deal , although the prices are reasonable at most of the shops.

What makes the experience even better is a sandwich from Falafel Arax.

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Arax Street, Beirut

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