Ashrafieh Stairs Beirut

Image by Nancy Haddad

Ashrafieh Stairs – Connecting Beirut

Ashrafieh is on the top of the hill above the Mekhayel and Gemmayze Areas, a walking connection between those 3 areas has been these stairs.

12 flights of stairs are still remaining today, with some newly renovated. The most famous ones are the Gholam stairs, Massad Stairs, Sayde Stairs, Vendome stairs, and Saint Nicolas stairs.

I personally enjoy walking, both in summer and winter, and one of my favorite walks is from Ashrafieh all the way down to Mar Mekhayel/Gemayze using those stairs.

It’s my perfect way to discover the city itself.

My favorite is the small flight that connects the Al Geyitawi neighborhood with Al Badawi neighborhood, the hidden gem of the city. Look for it, it’s a must see. This small flight is under a newly renovated building. Come enjoy a meal at Bro’s burger, continue your walk towards the adjacent neighborhood, and enjoy the view of the Matn mountains.

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