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Nancy Haddad (1984)

About me
I am an architectural designer with a master’s degree in landscape development. I also just recently finished my studies as a fashion designer.

I love photography, sports, outdoor activities, music and dancing, especially Argentinian tango. I love the sun and the beach, and the sound of the waves is just music to ears, although a hot chocolate and a good book in cold weather never harmed my soul.

I enjoy exploring and discovering new cities and different cultures through travelling, also within my own city; I love meeting new people and making new friends from all walks of life.

Why Beirut
Beirut… my beautiful city. What’s not to love about Beirut?

The history from the Roman days to the Ottoman empire, the French mandate to the civil war… Beirut is a true piece of cultural heritage on its own. I love the architecture and the chaotic urban layout.

Beirut is the city that refuses to die; a vibrant cosmopolitan city with a nightlife like no other. Full of events, there’s always something to do, with a perfect blend between oriental and western influences.

I love you Beirut.

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