Calypso Diving Center Beirut

Image by Stephanie Geryes

Calypso Diving Center – Diving in Lebanon

I went online once and there was a website where you could get discounts on a lot of things happening in Beirut. Luckily, one of them was diving lessons. So without even thinking about it, we just bought them. We were 3 girls and we would go every week. First you start with theories and a test. Then, you start slowly in the pool with the entire equipment, the oxygen tank and BCD. Once you get comfortable, you can do your first real dive in the ocean down to 8 meters just to get used to jumping off the boat and breathing through the regulator. After that, you own it and you go deeper and this is where magic happens. There you will see all the colorful fishes you could swim with that you would never imagine seeing outside on dry land.

My favorite experience, the best thing that ever happened to me, was seeing the sting ray and touching it. I know we shouldn’t, but I let the dive master do it himself and oh the feeling was so awesome I can’t even describe it because of all the adrenaline that was rushing. I recommend everyone to go at least for 1 dive, they’d see the other life we never see on land.

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Details about this spot



Movenpick Marina, Beirut

Telephone number


Opening Times

15:00 - 18:00 daily


Single dive: LBP 60,000

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