Donner Sang Compter Beirut

Image by Stephanie Geryes

Donner Sang Compter – Blood donation

I got a call from one of my closest friends Yorgui to go and donate blood for a patient. on my way to the hospital, I was panicking and hoping it doesn’t work. Once there, they test your blood and decide whether you’re eligible to donate or not. And I was. 15 minutes later, after giving 1 liter of my blood and meeting the patient’s mother who hugged me and thanked me for doing it though I didn’t know the patient, that was my happiest and favorite moment ever.

The idea behind Donner Sang Compter is to connect blood donors to patients in need anonymously. The patient contacts them asking for a specific type and they contact registered donors to see who can do it. “Donner Sang Compter” or DSC comes from the French language. The original expression, written with an “s” (Sans), is found in a scouts’ prayer, and means “to give without asking for anything in return.” while “Sang” with a “g” is French for “blood”, hence the play on words, and the NGO’s name.

I highly recommend each and every one of you to register with them as a donor, for the after-feeling you get is awesome, selfless and full of love!

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Dekwaneh, Beirut

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24 hours daily




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