Kasser Beirut

Image by Stephanie Geryes

Kasser – Anger management

Put all your anger on these glasses/ TVs and radios! Kasser is an NGO that cares about recycling WHILE giving you the chance of breaking everything in a safe area and relieving all anger or tension or whatever you are holding inside. Broke up with your partner? Go to Kasser. Long day at work with a lot of unfinished tasks? Kasser! Stuck in traffic and everyone is calling you? Kasser!

It’s situated on the roof of KED, you register, sign some papers, get in a uniform that keeps you safe from glass and go inside a room with a weapon of your choice (hammer, baseball bat…) and start breaking everything in it. There are many rooms with different appliances. And the last one was my favorite, glass bottles that you throw to the wall. That was the most satisfying experience ever, with everyone around and some music and drinks.

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Details about this spot



Beirut river, Beirut

Opening Times

Sat - Sun 14:00 - 20:00


Session: LBP 25,000

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