Refined Exotic Burger Beirut

Image by Rayan Ezzeddine

Refined Exotic Burger – Your unique burger spot!

Hey guys! This is my favourite burger spot in Beirut. It is literally in the heart of the city, in Gemmayze and it is a tiny spot with just a few chairs and a few tables. Their burgers have a simple flavor which other burger places do not have. While eating, I asked the manager there what made this spot different from other burger spots, since, to me, burgers are just burgers everywhere, but he replied “it’s the flavours we use”. They use flavors such as jam, peanut butter, blackberry etc, basically flavors that no one would think of for a burger. Also, their menu is simple, with just 10 different burger types and only one of them being chicken.

With regards to the ambiance of the spot, it’s pretty chill since it is not a big place and you can eat while looking out the window and seeing what is happening around Gemmayze. The prices and portions are both fair but someone who does not eat a lot may find the burgers very fulfilling.

What I also loved about this spot was the service — the people working there were extremely friendly and we had our fair share of laughs!

I would recommend the Big Kahuna, Fuerte and Peanut Butter Burgers and of course their fries!

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Details about this spot



Gouraud Street, Beirut

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Sat 12:00 - 00:00, Sun 13:00 - 22:00


Burger: LBP 13,000

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