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I am a reflective wanderer who turns her encounters into stories...

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Have you ever heard of steampunk in movies & novels? Well, it is now tangible inside a specialty coffee store in the charming neighborhood of Furn El Hayek in Beirut, inside Restos St. Nicolas.

Steampunk’s story started with a passionate SCA coffee graduate, Rania Talal, who decided to pursue her passion for brewing coffee with her “amazing local team” as she describes them. If you ever meet her, you’ll see how down-to-earth and passionate she is about this industry. As a non-Lebanese living here since 1996, outdoor activist promoting hiking trails, and proud of the fact that this coffee shop is all Lebanese from A to Z!

This coffee shop has outdoor and indoor seating, with 3 comfy sofas that fit the steampunk theme… Decorative gears are installed on the walls and even the light bulbs above the bar are held up by gears. However, it’s more than just themed specialty coffee, it is also a space for kids with special needs in the near future, and part of the amount you pay for your order goes to Live Love Beirut to renovate heritage houses.

Honestly, as a person who is picky with their coffee, Steampunk raised my hope with the quality and variety of coffee and with, most importantly, a unique theme!

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Samira from Beirut

Samira Ezzo photo

I am a reflective wanderer who turns her encounters into stories...

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405 Selim Bustros Street, Beirut

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Mon - Sat 07:30 - 23:30, Sun 10:00 - 23:00


Flat White cup: LBP 404000


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