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What many foreigners do not know is that the majority of the Lebanese population live abroad. Lebanon has a variety of the Lebanese diaspora all over the world especially in continents such as Africa. However, the Lebanese-African diaspora is very prevalent in Lebanon and the culture is very much alive within family households like my own. Thus the African connection still lives within the souls of the Lebanese diaspora in Lebanon, and due to this, “Waribana”, an African movement, was created in February 2018. 

So what exactly is “Waribana”? It is an Ivorian word meaning “no money left” for it is believed that “money is not the most important thing in life but happiness and health are”. For this reason the Waribana team have decided to dedicate a percentage of their profits to associations in Africa.

Waribana events were created by a group of Lebanese African students coming from all over Africa such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria etc. They wanted to introduce the African culture and at the same time unite all the Africans living in Lebanon.

Can you imagine all the African people as well as Lebanese gathering under one roof to spend a night of African vibes? You literally see the Lebanese who grew up in Africa dancing like pure Africans and singing their hearts out!

Besides you get to meet famous African artists, purchase African handmade accessories/items and feel like you are in another continent while still being in the Middle East!

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