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Vesna Radovanović (1974)

About me
I like: animals (every single one of them!), swimming, apples, cherry pie, Indian summer, wrapping up gifts, earrings, dresses, wind, plants, non-verbal communication, cinema, J’adore, popcorn, discovering new literature, the smell of new shoes, writing, listening to people, traveling, Belgrade, Berlin, Oscar Wilde, rainbows, newspapers, photography, cooking, film music, working with children, interactive museum exhibitions, moments of silence, attics, long car rides, unnamable colours, changing hair length, nature escapades, cycling, the taste/smell/look/feeling of snow, festivals, in medias res, learning, button badges, salty skin, frost-painted windows, kaleidoscopes, shooting stars, beginnings.

I dislike: end of daylight saving time, shouting, heavy traffic, stupidity, uninformed shop assistants, the smell of vanilla (except in cakes), Skype, sandal boots, gift money, bragging, fish stew, roundabouts, wr1t1ng l1k3 th1s, animated TV commercials, soap operas, garish clothes, rain, alarm clocks, politics, queuing up, comic sans, meticulousness, antibiotics, plastic bags , “wise” people, wise “people”, outdoor concerts, whiskey, abbreviations, symmetry, group shopping, routine, generalizations, fizzy drinks, people whose “dislike” list is longer than their “like” list.

Why Belgrade?
Some clothing items last for a long time, they never get stained and, eventually, turn into wiping cloths. Some others, though, are completely ruined embarrassingly quickly. And some, get stained, torn, are lost & found, bleached, never destroyed and live to be inherited and worn again. As with things, this goes for people and places.

And Belgrade is of the latter kind: at the crossroads of medieval empires, between the Eastern and Western block, between two rivers, in the middle of wars, migrations, struggles of all sorts, between rock and folk music, Turkish baklavas and Austrian Sachertorte – it has lived a tempestuous life full of millions of stories, willing to let them be discovered, eager for some new ones to come to life.

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