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Gnezdo Organic – Come & nestle in

‘Male stepenice’, or ‘small stairway’ have for sure confirmed their place on the map of Belgrade’s beautiful spots. They can take you to Sava (mala) river level or Kosančićev venac in a second, but also to places situated in the building on the very staircase that can keep you for a while (look under: Basta bar). And keep you coming back.

One of these soothing, warm and comfy places is “Gnezdo Organic“. Yes, it’s an organic food restaurant. Some would imagine a fancy or a slightly uptight place when mentioning organic food, but no, “Gnezdo” (“Nest”) is a lot but not that.

First off, you just can’t go wrong with the location and the premises – one of the nicest buildings one can spot when entering Belgrade center via Branko’s bridge, recently repainted yellowish-beige. 

Gnezdo’s interior consists of tall whitewashed walls and wooden construction. Its minimalism actually puts focus on what you can see out the window – a great view of the bridge’s older part and the river.  

The service and hosts truly make you feel like a guest in their home. The menu is compact, and changed every once in a while.

The couscous with raisins & nuts was perfect, as well as classic Mediterranean risotto. The prices are a bit higher, but yes, the ingredients are organic. On top of it all, the lovely offer of Portuguese wines will give a special final touch to your visit to Gnezdo.

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Details about this spot



Karadjordjeva 43, Belgrade

Telephone number


Opening Times

Tue - Sun 12:00 - 22:00


Celery soup: RSD 350


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