I Don't Hate Belgrade

Image by Djordje Vidojevic

I Don’t Hate – A declaration of negation

I will admit it, I use the word ‘hate’ far too often. When I want to express my dislike for a type of food, how people behave, habits… I replaced ‘I don’t like’ with ‘I hate’. And of course, that misrepresents my actual feelings towards stuff. And sometimes, it happens that I use this phrase for some people as well. But I am trying to change this, I guard my words. Well, most of the time at least. 

Anyhow, this self-centered intro was to try to explain why I chose this as my spot. 

I really like this wall. It has interesting rooftop edges, a nice shop that has a mirror next to it (a great spot for a selfie). And above the mirror, near the edge of the wall, there is a graffiti that says ‘I don’t hate’ (Не мрзим). Simple as that. I do not know who wrote it, or what the story behind it was. But it’s there, and I like it very much. 

And of course, it’s illegal to write graffitis, and I would not think to ask you to do something that’s illegal, but then again there’s no harm in imagining stuff, right? For example, I like to imagine how great it would be if every person that read this and found this spot, read those words and then took a marker/pen and repeated them somewhere on that wall near the original writing.

The power is in the words! Copy the power!*

*in Cyrillic

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Cara Dušana 35, Belgrade

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