Poslastičarnica Zlata Belgrade

Image by Uroš Arsenović

Poslastičarnica Zlata – Traditional cakes

Twenty years ago, my father took me to Zlata and it was my first ever pastry shop. Like every kid, I loved cakes and candies and it was a wonderland for me. I also remember that I was fascinated with the colors of all the cakes that stared at me through the shop window.

And now, 20 years later, Zlata is still there. Same place, same colors, traditionally delicious cakes. It’s a family business that’s lasted longer than 70 years. Three generations of owners have changed but the recipes haven’t.

As well as the three generations of owners, there have been three generations of customers. Sometimes you can see a grandparent with his grandchild or a parent with a kid, or even all three together.

This is what has actually kept Zlata going: when you come once, you always want to come back and bring someone new to prove your words of how good Zlata actually is.

Every cake or cupcake that you try here is homemade and tastes like cakes that your grandma or mother is making at home. All the childhood memories…

You can try some chestnut puree, grains with cream or vanilla cookies, which are my favourites.  Actually, there is a lot of stuff I don’t even know the name of, I haven’t even tried everything, but the things I have tried were all wonderful.

And, if I needed to sum up Zlata in a couple of words, it would be childhood, nostalgia and deliciousness.

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