Srpska kafana Belgrade

Image by Vladimir Dulović

Srpska kafana – A classy kafana

As far as I can remember Srpska kafana was never an ordinary café. In 1980s it grew famous as the haunt of the actors from the neighboring Atelje 212 theatre and it has preserved that hype ever since. You can still see the table underneath which they cast the shoes of two of their most regular patrons, both famous actors. On top of it all, on January 1 it is the actors who come here to serve the guests, but you and me will probably never see this since all the places are booked for years to come. Perhaps we don’t need to since the actors still enjoy discounts here and thus gladly come to Srpska kafana to wine and dine.

Srpska kafana is a cozy place. Not too big, nor too small – just as it should be. The crowd also stands out of the “usual suspects” one expects in a kafana: there are more women, more intellectual types.

The new management, which took over a few years ago, made it posher so that now it resembles a classic restaurant. This would not be to the liking of a kafana buff like me but they won me over with their good homemade cooking at affordable prices. So, if you’re not sure if you are meant for kafana this might be a good place for a gentle start with the journey through Serbian food, drinks and music.

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Svetogorska, Belgrade

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Mon - Sat 08:00 - 00:00


Red wine : RSD 170
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