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Stanica – Cozy place for a warm-up

Maybe you’re asking yourself now “what did the writer mean with that title?”, so I will explain really quick. Stanica is a place located in the inner city center, but it’s cozy enough to keep you safe from the loudness of the city and the curious glances of people passing by. It’s a place that gives you the opportunity to enjoy your food or drink to the fullest.

Okay, that’s the definition of cozy, but why “warm-up”?

On weekends, Stanica becomes a perfect place to grab a drink and start moving your hips before going to the club. In Belgrade, most clubs work all night, so don’t be confused about Stanica’s working hours. Stanica is located close enough to all the clubs you’ve heard about when talking about Belgrade.

Let’s talk a bit more about the music. Most of the time, the music playing in the background is funky enough to at least get you to tap your feet, if not dance. They prefer a retro sound, so you can hear a lot of funk and disco music, with some breaks with new hits.

Along with good music, there are of course good drinks. Stanica has something for everyone. Beer? Yep. Whiskey, vodka, rum…? Indeed. And as the cherry on top – cocktails!

So, if you are a lover of funk and disco, along with cocktails or good whiskey, you know where to go. Oh, and yes, the word “stanica” means “station”. A perfect station to good nightlife.

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Details about this spot



Francuska 6, Belgrade

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Opening Times

08:00 - 01:00 daily


Pint of beer: RSD 365

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