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Tel Aviv Hummus House – Israeli fast food

Belgrade’s international food offer has boomed in recent years, and it was just a matter of time till the city got its first true MidEast fast food. Sure, you could order falafel in some other restaurants and even take-away stands which ought to be cited and praised for bringing these dishes to Belgrade, but one can really tell that “Tel Aviv Hummus House” is actually owned by people with a Tel Avivian background.

The ‘hummus house’ is pretty visible from the street, with striking blue and yellow colors, and occasionally workers give away falafel balls to passersby on the street. A good idea indeed, for most locals would probably raise an eyebrow when you tell them it’s made of chickpeas and spices. However, when they try it, everybody seems to be pleasantly surprised with the taste.

So yes, this falafel deserves recommendation, as well as its other usual ingredients – mild and soothing hummus, nice choice of salads and pita bread.

You can also try kebab, shakshuka, mushroom sandwich… Great thing is that you can get complimentary lemonade, and you can’t go wrong with lemonade, refreshing in the summer and good for your immune system during the cold days.

The sandwich with mushrooms and tahini also gets a thumbs up. The staff’s friendly, willing to give detailed info on the dishes. “Hummus House” is just above Zeleni Venac, so it’s pretty hard to miss it. They’ve also opened a small dining space/restaurant, and a new joint near Kalenić (21 Kičevska st.).

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Carice Milice 3, Belgrade

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Mon - Sat 24 hours


Falafel: RSD 320


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