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Zdravo Živo – Raw veggie pleasures

Heading towards New Belgrade, before or after a stroll on the soothing Sava quay or an energy draining shopping spree at Delta mall, go renew your senses at Zdravo Živo, the only raw veggie joint in town.

It’s a smaller, neatly designed food & juice bar in the Belville area, run by enthusiastic, young owners. However, their offer of salads, soups, dishes and sweets is everything but small.

One can start off with a revitalizing Cherry Berry or Živana juice (mint, ginger, apple, orange), or pick from a vast choice of smoothies, combining a range of ingredients – from ground carob and parsley to spinach, mango and black currant. The choice is so big and tempting that it will be hard to drop by just once.

If you feel like getting something warmer, you can indulge yourself with buckwheat porridge, with dates, raspberries, banana and flax, or have a marvelous spinach-avocado pottage. I’m getting hungry as I write this.

The offer of salads won’t make things easier. Thai carrot is always a good pick, and for the main dish, there are raw veggie takes on dishes such as pljeskavita, falafel, sarma, spaghetti Bolognese, sushi and even a Bavarian meal.

Cakes are a specialty, and one can have all kinds of excuses for eating a lot – besides being tasty, they are sugarless and light. Raspberry coconut cheesecake is a staple, well known around the area, bringing along grannies from the neighborhood who could not imagine a cake without loads of eggs and sugar.

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Jurija Gagarina 14/lj, Belgrade

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Mon - Fri 08:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 16:00


Burritos: RSD 430


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