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Christina Focken (1991)

About me
My first flat mate once called me a ‘curiosities hoarder’. Since then, I’ve managed to reduce my obsession for weird objects. Instead of on top of my shelf, I now mostly stick to collecting life curiosities inside my mind. I love to find these in books, during travels and throughout everyday life. Besides that, I enjoy languages and study international politics.

Why Berlin
I came to Berlin to study in 2012. Apart from university, the city itself has also taught me many things. For example, I learned to allow myself to be surprised. You might find the most amazing places where you least expect them. I learned how to be critical towards what is regarded as the norm, and tolerant of things that might seem foreign, scary or weird at first glance. I discovered how welcoming a city that is said to be rough and cold can actually be. Not only to me, but to the thousands who’ve come here in need of a safe new home.

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