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Curious Fox English Books – New & second-hand books

English speaking friends of mine who have lived in Berlin for 15+ years often tell me how difficult it was to get around the city without speaking German when they first came here. I’ve been in this country nearly 10 years, and even I can notice a difference. However, and probably to no one’s surprise, the anglophone community has grown and so has the number of international visitors, making way for successful businesses like Curious Fox Books that cater both to locals and internationals, and local internationals. 

Curious Fox is well-stocked and lends itself to hours of browsing. It’s a great place to come in and escape the hectic neighborhood on Flughafenstraße and Karl-Marx-Straße. 

Oh, and if you’re in the niche market for Irish language books, this is the place to come! 

Check their Facebook for regular events like readings and quiz nights. If I have the time, my favorite thing to do here is join in on their challenging monthly quiz!

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