Diener Tattersall Berlin

Image by Sharon Mertins

Diener Tattersall – German food with history

We have food from all over the world popping up in Kreuzberg, Neukolln and Mitte but a good German restaurant with a little extra atmosphere is no longer that easy to come by… unless you head out west.

In my world, West Berlin sometimes sounds like a far off city that one visits strictly for shopping. But, it turns out there’s a lot more going on in those western side streets. And a lot of it has to do with a Berlin that a lot of us never got to know. I’m talking about the kind of place you can tell has been there for years, where the chair you sit on and the table you have your dinner on gives off a certain vibration, an energy telling you that you are re-living history. That you are becoming part of the world of fascinating conversations that have taken place there throughout the decades. About the cold war, the wall coming down and Germany becoming one, about disco and foreign musicians living in Berlin, about the rise of new political powers and now, you.

This is what Diener Tattersall feels like to me. Plus, it offers a good ol’ plate of almost any kind of German food you like. I hear the Boulette is particularly delectable. But the place itself is quite magical. You need only look at the pictures on the wall get an idea.

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Details about this spot



Grolmanstraße 47, Berlin

Opening Times

18:00 - 02:00 daily


Boulette: € 6.50


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