Haliflor Berlin

Image by Sharon Mertins

Haliflor – A little personal gem…

Despite the massive amount of bars and cafes in a city like Berlin, it’s not always easy to find one that pulls you back because of its… ‘je ne sais quoi.’ That one bar for me is the Haliflor.

The main reason I consider this bar a bit of a gem is that to me it represents that Berlin uniqueness and freedom that a lot of people came here to seek and is quickly disappearing. Almost every single item in this place was lovingly designed by its owner and made with his own two hands, from the tables to most of the lamps to the sliding windows.

But even without knowing this little detail, it’s that tried-and-true creative vibe the neighbors, who have been coming here for years give it, that rustic feel, minimal art deco-ish style, the way the windows close with the help of the weights hanging on the side, the shape of the lights, its complete lack of commercial flavor and even the stuffing coming out of some of the chairs that makes me want to keep going back. I don’t know, it somehow feels like one of the few bars in which I can think to myself, “Oh yes, I’m in Berlin”.

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Schwedter Str. 26, Berlin

Opening Times

10:00 - 02:00 daily

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