Kadó Berlin

Image by Sharon Mertins

Kadó – A liquorice paradise

The world inside the little Kadó shop feels like any candy lover’s paradise. Except it’s not just candy. Kadó is all about liquorice, something I had heard about and tasted a few times throughout my life, but never knew much about. Enter,  little shop on Graefe str. – a famous ambassador to the ever-so-fascinating world of liquorice. 

Even if you think you don’t like the taste of the sweet-flavored root, this little shop is worth the visit. They have compartmentalized shelves filled with all different flavors, colors, and levels of liquorice strength. It can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for so don’t be afraid to ask for help. The staff are friendly and can guide you on your sweet tooth or salty craving journey.

What I enjoy the most in there, besides the lovely decor, is the impressive variety and standards of quality. My futile attempts to develop a taste for the much-loved (except by me) salty Scandinavian and Dutch liquorice weren’t enough to lure me away. There are plenty of other exotic little flavors in there to experiment with every single time I go visit. I like surprises and I like variety. Who would’ve thought such a specialized little shop could give so much of both! 

Choose from sweet, salty, salmiak, romanesque, or pure. And if you follow a gluten or lactose-free diet, or do not consume gelatine or sugar, just let them know. They are well prepared.

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Details about this spot



Graefestraße 20, Berlin

Opening Times

Tue - Fri 09:30 - 18:30, Sat 09:30 - 15:30


Small mixes: € 3.60


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