Salzclub Berlin

Image by Luiza Skrzypczynska

Salzclub – Your very own private club

Have you ever dreamed of renting an entire club for a special event like a birthday, a wedding, or just a really amazing party you wanna throw? The Salzclub in Berlin-Charlottenburg can make your dream come true: In an amazing location right by the river Spree, you get to rent your own party space, beginning from one room for smaller events, up to three floors for the party of your life.

Wanna hear the best part? You won’t pay any rent for it, as the Salzclub offers its rooms for free, son! The only thing you have to do is buy their drinks in exchange. And even if you don’t like that, every once in a while there is a mind-blowing Dancehall-Party called “WataLilly” I have been visiting for ten years straight now!

If you like good music and love nice people, this is your place – hands down. To top it all off, the Salzclub counts with a beach area where in the summer you can enjoy a talk in the mild Berlin night and maybe even have a barbecue. Talk to the people from Salzclub, they will get things going with you.

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