Top 5 Spots in Berlin to Unwind and Relax like a Local

After diving into the hustle and bustle of Berlin where there’s so much to see and even more to do, amongst the museums, art exhibitions, historical sites and not to mention the endless shopping streets… perhaps it’s time to unwind and take a day off?

There’s nothing like discovering the jungles amongst the city life, and Berlin has countless spots from its beautiful parks, lakes and forests; and with this article we hope to replenish your tired body to make sure you’re fit for the rest of your Berlin trip!

Liquidrom Berlin

Liquidrom (by Liquidrom Berlin)

Since Germans seem to enjoy their steams and saunas sans clothing and with hourly “aufguss” treatments, this is an ideal place to spend your relaxing day as a true local.  Subtly mixing minimalistic and classic, à la mode and tranquil, Liquidrom is Berlin’s blue-ribbon spa.

As our spotter Sarah suggests, besides the pool there’s a sauna area you will not be able to resist, amongst a steam bath, a Finnish sauna (90 degrees), a Himalaya Salt Sauna (60 degrees) and a Kelo Panorama Sauna (80 degrees), offering your body the perfect temperature it seeks. And inevitably, there’s an outdoor warm pool with a spectacular view of the courtyard under the stars.

Ferry F10 Berlin

Ferry F10 Berlin (by Kubilay Yu)

Berlin’s F10 Ferry is one of the best ways to explore one of the city’s most beautiful lakes. It’s cheap, fast and will leave a lasting impression on you. As our spotter Robin suggests, rather than having to rent out a boat, hop on this 20 minute cruise operating between Wannsee and Alt-Kladow (one of the oldest parts of Berlin), to find yourself two of the nicest places in the city.

Once you find yourself on Alt-Kladow, explore this little village situated at the Havel and discover Gutspark only to end the day with a refreshing dip (or some fishing!) at Glienicker See, the lake which for decades has had the cleanest swimming water in all of Berlin…

Weißer See Berlin

Beach at Weisser See (by Sarah Eichner)

Located conveniently just 20 minutes away from Alexanderplatz lies an oasis of a spot as recommended by our spotter Sarah would recommend going to. Lying in the midst of what may seem to merely be a park is a circular lake, isolated from the outside world. The bank makes for a nice spot to relax and swim, but if you find yourself on the eastern side, there’s a lido (what the Germans call a ‘strandbad’) you get to enjoy on some extras like a sandy beach, sun loungers, showers, a bar, snacks and BBQ on demand! In Sarah’s words, Weißer See is just perfect for a Sunday no matter the weather.

Viktoriapark Berlin

Viktoriapark Berlin (by Robin Hartmann)

In case you’re looking for a green place to hang out and chill at in the heart of Berlin, our spotter Robin’s got the perfect place for you! Viktoriapark is artists’ barbecuers and musicians’ favorite meet up spot, also home to one of Berlin’s steepest hills, the Kreuzberg, and where a local wine called “Kreuz-Neroberger” is produced, there’s plenty to do and see over here! Robin says the highlight of this park is a beautiful waterfall that descends the Kreuzberg, making for a perfect spot to enjoy the spectacular view over the city whilst dipping your toes in the fresh waterfall.

Grunewaldturm Berlin

Grunewaldturm Berlin (by Luiza Skrzypczynska)

Now the last, but certainly not the least spot is in the midst of Berlin’s famous forest Grunewald, which also is home to the Grunewaldturm, a tower that soars 55 meters high, offering a spectacular view of Berlin’s beautiful lakes and forests. According to our spotter Robin, this spot is a guaranteed holiday in itself, as long as you don’t forget to bring your picnic bags, a folding chair and good company, and you’re set! Don’t forget to take a ride on the “Dream-liner” bus…

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