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Christina from Berlin

'Curiosities hoarder'. I've learned how welcoming a city said to be rough & cold...

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ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz is another one of Berlin’s alternative spaces which encompass many different forms of cultural expression. (another example is ACUD, you can read my article on that spot here)

ZUKUNFT puts a lot of emphasis on cinema. Their projections take place either inside their two small auditoriums or – during summer months – outside.  As you might have already guessed, most of their movie selection consists of rather small, artsy productions. ZUKUNFT is especially promoting young German cinema, however foreign movies are often shown here in their original versions with subtitles.

Another part of ZUKUNFT’s cultural universe is their concert venue. It is called ‘TIEF’ – the German word for ‘deep’; somehow a fitting name for the dark and often moist cellar. This is a very authentic scenery to listen to some not-yet-famous rock or metal bands. I guess I’m not the only one being reminded of teenage years spent in old, smelly rehearsal rooms…

You might wanna check out their program for more: exhibitions, parties, jazz nights, theater plays… But whatever the event, for me the night always ends at the bar. How convenient that ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz also has its own brewery. Their beer is tasty and extremely cheap compared to craft beer around the city. But be warned: this is indeed a very Berlin place. So, if you really don’t like cigarette smoke, you’d better drink your beer outside.

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Christina from Berlin

Christina Focken photo

'Curiosities hoarder'. I've learned how welcoming a city said to be rough & cold...

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Laskerstraße 5, Berlin

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 18:00 - 01:00, Sat - Sun 16:00 - 01:00


Cinema ticket: € 5.90


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