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Gastwerk – Secret recipes from around the world

Every person that migrates brings with them a whole bunch of stories and cultural practices from their home. Traditions that actually might enrich the places where they settle at last. So do you know the national dish of Afghanistan? Or what people eat in Eritrea? What about the delicious specialties from Syria?

They are answers the non-profit association Gastwerk will give you.

Gastwerk enables refugees and other migrants to participate in different projects in Bern. Their newest coop is a healthy takeaway that serves food out of a window.

People from all over the world work in the kitchen and prepare their favourite dishes from back home. The menu changes daily and although the recipes might come from far far away, Gastwerk pays attention to support local farmers by buying their produce. You can order a meat dish or a vegetarian. And: If you bring your own plate you get a discount!

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Details about this spot



Gotthelfstrasse 29, Bern

Opening Times

Mon & Wed 11:30 - 13:30


Vegetarian menu: CHF 11


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