Gmüesesel Bern

Image by Katrin Hiss

Gmüesesel – A gym that pays off

I was actually contemplating this idea for a long time myself… What if the energy I put into fitness training would be transformed into something tangible?

The same idea had a guy called Tom and started to tinker around. The result is a gym where you don’t pay any entrance fees, instead you get paid in natural produce!

You can row for polenta, run for sunflower oil or cycle for semolina. In the end you get to keep one third of what you produced yourself, Tom is selling the rest on the local farmers market.

I also love that small gym because the customer base is a diverse crowd of people, consumption conscious activists, students from the nearby university. Unlike other gyms, the atmosphere here is super relaxed, no showing off, no skeptical eyes observing every move you make.

There’s a room where people can change, but there are no showers in the building, so better plan ahead. Before you get there, make sure to register yourself on their website.

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Erlachstrasse 5, Bern

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Wed - Thu 17:00 - 20:00




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