Lightshow Bundeshaus Bern

Image by Katrin Hiss

Lightshow Bundeshaus – Stories on the parliament

Every year, when the days get shorter and the night falls earlier and earlier, the Swiss parliament building becomes a huge canvas.

This year, a group called Lichttapete from Vienna has the honour to show their skills in 3D-mapping, presenting the story of the first moon landing. Not a simple task, they say: the Bundeshaus has an ornate façade, every little part of stucco work has to be taken into consideration when planning the light show. The story is told with 8 projectors and in 23 million pixels. You’ll see Tintin reaching the moon long before Neil Armstrong did, you’ll see the Bundeshaus dissolving and the first human footprint on Earth’s natural satellite.

This year’s show “First step”, I have to admit, isn’t the best edition I have ever seen (you can find all of them on Youtube); it’s much slower and does give less of a 3D impression, but it’s definitely and undoubtedly still totally worth to check it out. Music by David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Ludovico Einaudi and others accompany the light show, thanks to a loud and crispy clear sound system only that is a huge experience!

On the Bundesplatz, the square in front of the parliament building, some food trucks also provide snacks and there’s a heated tent where you can buy tea, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

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