Loubegaffer Bern

Image by Katrin Hiss

Loubegaffer – Optical illusion at its best

He’s a very friendly looking guy, the Loubegaffer, hanging out in the underground passage of the main station. And: He seems to be super curious about you. You. And you. Actually about everybody all the time! Because no matter where you stand or how fast you move, Loubegaffer’s eyes will always follow you.

I have known Loubegaffer since I was a kid. Many years ago, he was standing around in a less prominent space, in a little alley in the old town. I remember that I was always happy if my parents decided to take that alley, happy, charmed and never quite sure whether Loubegaffer wasn’t actually alive.

Meanwhile, I have learned that the friendly observer is a creation of Sandro Del-Prete, a Bernese artist who dedicated his life to optical illusions and opened an own museum in Hettiswil, outside of Bern [https://www.illusoria-land.com/ Website only in German] His paintings can easily be compared to M.C. Escher’s and he presents the biggest hologram exhibition in Switzerland. But what I still haven’t figured out is: How does Loubegaffer ACTUALLY work? Maybe you go visit him and explain me later :).

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Christoffelunterf├╝hrung 2, Bern

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24 hours daily


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