Paternoster Bern

Image by Sebastian Meier

Paternoster – Hop on, hop off

Actually, I thought that one of my dearest childhood memories was erased when the sports store at this address closed for good about a decade ago, back in the days I met up in the store with my crew just to hop on and off the old paternoster elevator. The fun was not only to hit the right moment to step into the slowly passing open elevator cabins. The ultimate thrill was to stay in the cabin after the last floor and see what happened then – although all the signs warn you to not do this.

Lately, I found out that the old paternoster still exists, now in the “Bayard” fashion store. Wikipedia says that it was built in 1974 and that it’s the last one of its kind in all of Switzerland. Also: Paternoster means “Our father” and is a reminiscence to a holy rosary – the cabins representing the beads on the endless string.

As a grown-up the thrill is a tiny little bit less intense than back in the day. Either the world has become much faster or the lift has become slower. You will need to bring some patience to even reach the top floor. And of course, I have to strongly recommend you NOT to go any further than that – because only the strong will survive.

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