Stadtbach Upwards Bern

Image by AnBuKu via Wikimedia

Stadtbach Upwards – Where Bern defies gravity

So the whole city of Bern is divided by a little creek called Stadtbach. In the 13th century, shortly after the foundation of the city, our ancestors came up with the genius idea to redirect this little creek through the whole settlement in order to dump all their dirty water in it. Nowadays, the Stadtbach flows mostly underground from the very west end of Bern into the river Aare close to the Nydegg church.

In the year 2005, an artist called Martin Beyeler did some magic. Now at one place in the old town where the Stadtbach is visible on the surface – believe it or not – it flows upwards! «Gegenlauf im Fluss» is the name of his artistic intervention. And in case you find out how it’s possible that the Stadtbach can flow in the other direction, don’t tell me. I prefer to believe that Bern can actually defy gravity 🙂

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Gerechtigkeitsgasse 1, Bern

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24 hours daily


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