Weyermannshaus Bern

Image by Sebastian Meier

Weyermannshaus – Europe’s biggest pool

The Bernese are famous for their understatement. Thus it’s no surprise that what they call “Weyerli” (little pond) happens to be the largest swimming pool in all of Europe. The 16,000 square meter pool is so big that the lifeguards use a rowing boat for rescuing people getting in trouble in the middle of the pond.

The pool actually was a natural pond once and still is fed by a natural well. It’s located in Bethlehem, a neighbrohood most tourists would normally never set foot in. In this mixture of cheap prefab apartment buildings, old gardentown neighborhoods and rural farming areas, the Weyermannshaus has become a peaceful meeting place for people of all class, color, sex and age.

Since entrance is free (like in Marzili, Lorraine and Wyler) you will encounter migrant families, long-established elderly people, urban youngsters and conservative farmers alike. There is no better place to experience the diversity of this town, picnic, take a swim and watch the world go by.

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Stöckackerstrasse 9, Bern

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May 14 - Sep 18: 08:30 - 19:00 daily




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