10 most visited Spotter profiles in 2014


Some Spotters during Spotters Weekend

Traditionally, at the beginning of the new year we make a list of the top 10 most visited Spotter profiles on our blogs.

Of course we love all our Spotters equally, and “most visited” does not mean “best”, but it’s always fun to look at some statistics!

1. Emelie Schuts (Amsterdam)


Born, raised and educated in Amsterdam – Emelie is our most “popular” Spotter of the year! Check out Emelie’s articles 

2. Gisela Clarke (Amsterdam)


Half Irish, quarter German, quarter Dutch, born and raised in Amsterdam… Last year’s number one, “beat” by her fellow Amsterdam local. Check out Gisela’s articles

3. Lauren Murphy (Amsterdam)


Photographer, art lover, “Amsterdam taught me everything.” Check out Lauren’s articles

4. Stephen van den Hoek (Amsterdam)


Visitors love the spots of our youngest Spotter in the Amsterdam team! Check out Stephen’s articles

5. Ilse de Ridder (Barcelona)


Ilse isn’t Catalan by birth, but knows more spots than most Barcelona locals. Check out Ilse’s articles

6. Erik Lassche (Lisbon)


One of our first Spotters, and still going strong! Check out Eric’s articles

7. Martin Sollmann (Amsterdam)


Web developer & marketeer Martin can tell you a thing or three about the underground culture in Amsterdam. Check out Martin’s articles

8. Sol Baratech (Barcelona)


Sol hasn’t even been a Spotter the entire year  of 2014, yet she’s in the top 10! Check out Sol’s articles

9. Bill Sinclair (Barcelona)


Bill loves the food & drinks culture of Barcelona – you’ll want to go straight away after checking out Bill’s articles

10. Jeremie Gerhardt (Berlin)


This Frenchman in Berlin knows the best burgers, and is always one of the first to spot a hip coffee spot! Check out Jeremie’s articles

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