23 new Spotters in the last 3 months!


We are proud to introduce 23 of our newest members in the Spotters family, who have started sharing their favorite spots in their home cities. Let’s introduce them in alphabetical order!

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Alexandra Sepúlveda - Frankfurt

Alexandra Sepúlveda – Frankfurt

“Whether you are into fancy bars or traditional breweries, into reading with a nice cup of tea or partying until morning light, in Frankfurt you will find your place.”

Alexandro Tsavdaroglou - Thessaloniki

Alexandros Tsavdaroglou – Thessaloniki

“I have lived most of my life in Thessaloniki so I have formed a strong bond with the city. It’s difficult to imagine myself living elsewhere.”

Andia Ago - Tirana

Andia Ago – Tirana

“It can be quiet and soft, but it can also be loud and wild. But most importantly it is very welcoming.”


Angelos Kottas – Thessaloniki

“At the end of the day, it is a city next to the sea and all your problems are solved with a walk by the seaside.”

Derek Dewitt - Prague

Derek Dewitt – Prague

“Prague has become a real European capital, and a really fun place to be. The change has been dramatic and exhilarating to experience first hand.”

Diana Nanciu - Bucharest

Diana Nanciu – Bucharest

“I love the energy of this city. The way it buzzes. Always inspiring you to do something new. Always full of life.”

Elena Shcherbak - Kiev

Elena Shcherbak – Kiev

“I love living here and returning here, seeing the changes that it constantly goes through. It is not too big and not too small, just perfect in order to feel comfortable.”

Ellen Donovan - Boston

Ellen Donovan – Boston

“Depending upon where you are, you may look up and see an original pane of purple glass in one of the brownstones, or you may find yourself at the base of a modern high-rise.”

Emma Platteau - Antwerp

Emma Platteau – Antwerp

“You will probably never see an empty Antwerp. What’s not to love?”

Gerard Pinar - Barcelona

Gerard Pinar – Barcelona

“Barcelona is not just a place to spend the holidays, it’s a place to discover, a place in the world with kaif.”

Idan Teram - Tel Aviv

Idan Teram – Tel Aviv

“Tel Aviv is a calm insanity, you can find something to do in every single moment, you can go nuts or be chill by the beach.”

Ingrid Xhaja - Tirana

Ingrid Xhaja – Tirana

“People are young and energetic and there is the will to create new things and to be modern and cool.”

Joel Rapi - Stockholm

Joel Rapi – Stockholm

“Still, she’s elegant, can be painfully beautiful and given time and some patience, will allow you to get to know her intimately.”

Kasia Kmiec - Toronto

Kasia Kmiec – Toronto

“As the train turned a corner in its final descent, and the looming cityscape revealed itself with the shimmer of Lake Ontario to the south and the CN Tower rising amongst the skyscrapers, I knew I was home.”

Kevin Gleeson - Dublin

Kevin Gleeson – Dublin

“With some of the best music, food, and of course bars, there is a welcoming buzz to my city to rival any.”

Kristina Nikols - Los Angeles

Kristina Nikols – Los Angeles

“From free events to exclusive parties; from the beaches to the mountains…you can find everything in Los Angeles – nightlife, art, and nature.”

Lenka Encingerová - Bratislava

Lenka Encingerová – Bratislava

“It’s an undiscovered gem where the majority of tourists spend maximum a day or two, even though there are so many things to see!”

Marianna Kasi - Tallinn

Marianna Kasi – Tallinn

“The magic of the city lies in its ability to surprise you all the time.”

Markus Veikkolainen - Helsinki

Markus Veikkolainen – Helsinki

“I think Helsinki has a potential to become the culinary capital of the Nordics and you can sense that in the city.”

Matthew Gall - Chicago

Matthew Gall – Chicago

“Frank Sinatra sang “Each time I roam, Chicago is calling me home”. Simply put, Chicago looks, smells and feels like home.”

“I love the pulse, the vibe and the way the city changes throughout the seasons.”

Susanna Sjödin - Stockholm

Susanna Sjödin – Stockholm

“Whether you’re a history buff or a gamer (like me), you’ll most likely find something to fall in love with here. And also, in the summer, I love the never-ending day light.”

Valia Lavdogianni - Thessaloniki

Valia Lavdogianni – Thessaloniki

“Thessaloniki has everything, but it is not too big or too small. It is big enough for me to fit in.”

Welcome aboard everybody!

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