25 new Spotters in 3 months!

In the last few months we welcomed 25 new Spotters to our community! In alphabetical order…

Adam Kirchner – Berlin

Adam Kirchner- Berlin

Adam‘s passions go back to cooking, music, progressive politics, education, languages, art and whisky, all of which are elements you may find in the spots around Berlin he particularly has to recommend to us.

Andrea Roberts – Madrid

Andrea came to Madrid the first time on a study visit, and has fallen in love with the city since. She has a love for reading, cooking, markets, movies, traveling, the arts and dancing- particularly rueda cubana, a type of salsa. Salsa with her through the beautiful and charming city of Madrid!

Andrey Berezkin- Moscow

We’re happy to have Moscow-raised Andrey back with us, who works as a white-collar worker managing digital projects for a large industrial company. In his free time he spends his time exploring the world around him through traveling, art, photography and music; some things of which has a profound love for.

Andy Hellinx – Antwerp

Andy Hellinx- Antwerp

Full-time Antwerp-er Andy knows his city inside out as he knows exactly where to go, depending on his mood at any time, any day, especially easy for him as he cruises through the city on his motorcycles!

Brittany McGaughan – Washington DC

Brittany McGaughan- Washington DC

Native Floridian Brittany moved to Washington DC in 2010, of when her love began and continues to go strong. Funny enough, her professional life consists of promoting the city, and in her free time she indulges in the fine things DC has to offer, as she walks the streets with her camera, soaking up on the sunshine and cocktails on DC’s rooftops.

Catriona Lygate – Edinburgh

Catriona Lygate- Edinburgh

Architecture student Catriona spends her professional mood designing new buildings and otherwise admiring old ones of that. In her free time, she likes to immerse herself in the arts, architecture, music, food and people. Join her uncover and experience every corner of Edinburgh whether it’s walking over the North Bridge or dancing the night away!

Chelsea Ammary – London

Chelsea Ammary- London

Chelsea is a graphic designer and photographer who uses her expertise to help startups and small businesses grow by helping create beautiful imagery and graphics. Discover London through her lenses indulging in the most delicious bites in town or picnicking in the park.

Chiara Pillon – Turin

Chiara Pillon- Turin

Born and raised in Turin, Chiara has a love for trekking in the mountains in good company and traveling every time she feels the needs to escape, but always finds herself back in the city that she calls a super-grandma. Why? Because as she oh, so poetically says; Turin wears stilettos and a mini skirt, but in her hand you can still find a Vermuth and in her mouth old Piedmontese wise sayings.

Davy Baas – Rotterdam

Davy Baas- Rotterdam

Rotterdam based Davy, is a student, and as he’d call himself, a perpetual student. He has a preserving restlessness to discover the world around him, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do, with us alongside! Let’s discover the contemporary and reinvented city of Rotterdam and see what unique things it has, that perhaps Amsterdam doesn’t.

Diana Pashkovich – Tallinn

Diana Pashkovich - Tallinn

Returning spotter Diana from Tallinn has provided us with some of the nicest insider spots to find the best treats given her love for food. And that’s exactly what she’s going to continue to help us with, along with tons of other hidden gems from her perspective as a born-and-raised Tallinn local.

Filip Štrlek – Zagreb

Filip Štrlek- Zagreb

Filip as a passion for everything fulfilling in life, from engaging into deep conversations to sharing his stories and experiences with other. His mission is to make the world a better place, and writing it down for the sake of keeping track of it. A part of who he is, he claims, is thanks to the city of Zagreb. His means of giving back is to spread the good news and let us into the heart of Zagreb.

Francesco Fenoaltea – Rome

Francesco Fenoaltea- Rome

Francesco spends his academic career solving equations, as his passions go back to the foundations of mathematics. In his free time however, he comes up with equations to the better things in life such as combining a delicious hamburger with a beer! Amongst his friends, he just so happens to be the beer connoisseur as he goes by the philosophy that to truly know a city you must know its beer. You can bet your bottom Francesco knows where to find the best beer in Rome!

Giannis Sykomanis – Thessaloniki

Giannis Sykomanis- Thessaloniki

Food enthusiast and traveler Giannis (or John!) has a profound passion for coffee, a good meal and a nice cocktail and he wouldn’t want anything but to share this with us as he know of the best places that make him happy in his birth town, Thessaloniki.

Hila Shaulski – Tel Aviv

Hila Shaulski- Tel Aviv

Native Israeli, Hila moved to Tel Aviv in 2013 to help with creating a more just, equal and pluralistic society in Israel. Prior to having moved here, she lived in Philadelphia. Considering her job includes guiding tours in South Tel Aviv and her passion traveling and exploring the world around her, you can imagine what kind of awesome spots she’d bring us to!

Kalina Tyrkiel – Krakow

Kalina Tyrkiel- Krakow

Having been born and raised just about 50 kilometers from Kraków, Kalina has spent a lot of time visiting, and calls it home now that she lives here. She refers to traveling as being a lifestyle to her as her passion endlessly seeks for the beauty and finding it even in the oddest of places. Discover Kraków from Kalina’s lens and see what beauty lies behind it.

Kaye Ann Caronongan – Toronto

Kaye Ann Caronongan- Toronto

Toronto local Kaye Ann describes herself as a sweet character with a hint of sassy! Calling Toronto home since 2002, Kaye Ann is looking for different adventures every day, from exploring and discovering new restaurant openings, boutiques, world class exhibitions, family owned shops and more!

Marley Silverman – New York City

Marley Silverman- New York City

Marley describes living in New York as quite the experience in itself. Traveling between Downtown Brookyln up to the Upper West Side she describes as quite the drastic change of worlds, making you feel like you’re in a whole new city. With always having something to do, new food to explore and cultures to immerse yourself in the bustling New York City, there’s something new for everyone!

Natalia Stepanova – Moscow

Natalia Stepanova- Moscow

Siberia native Natalia moved to the city of Moscow since 2010 and has learned to love the city in no time with so many things to add to her long list of “make-me-happy”s including: great theaters, a growing third wave coffee scene, good food (she has a personal falafel rating!), and beautiful art spaces.

Nicholas Kasang – Frankfurt

Nicholas Kasang- Frankfurt

Professional urban planner, Nicholas spends his professional life focusing on development cooperation in growing metropolises across Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. And in his free tie, he helps with the development of his city of Frankfurt by sharing with us his beautiful city from his perspective!

Petra Bartholomeeussen – Antwerp

Petra Bartholomeeussen- Antwerp

Petra is a diehard “aperitif”er. In other words, she’s just a phone call away from jumping on her bike to go and relax on a sunny terrace café- and nothing can stop her! Having lived in the beautiful city of Antwerp since ’99, she dares to say she knows the city inside-out, North to South, East to West. Check out this Antwerp from her perspective, a small city with a big attitude, as Petra describes it herself.

Phillip Mills – Copenhagen

Phillip Mills- Copenhagen

British spatial designer, Phillip has lived in Copenhagen for a while now, having seen it transform from a provincial ugly duckling to a dynamic metropolis. Phillip describes Copenhagen to be a very accessible city, whether its by foot, boat or whatever it is easy to reach. Check out Copenhagen from his eyes, one eye for spaces and places, and the other perhaps for the good and relaxing things in life.

Rose O’Donnell – Dublin

Rose O’Donnell- Dublin

Rose has been living in Dublin since 2014 and loves to wander aimlessly. She describes Dublin as a city that makes you want to rust to outdoor yoga in the evenings, catch the last tour of a new gallery or simply the last light of the day. Many of her spots tend to cover the relaxing, artsy and fun parts of Dublin! Wander around aimlessly with Rose to find out what the city has to offer…

Supriya Manot – Boston

Supriya Manot- Boston

Supriya describes herself as a happy go-lucky person. She grew up in India and has been discovering the city of Boston since 2014. She is a vegetarian herself, and therefore puts an extra effort in finding veggie-friendly meals around town.

Veronika Bílá – Prague

Veronika Bílá- Prague

Returning Prague spotter Veronika initially came to Prague to study International Business, and has spent a considerable amount of time living in the US and most recently in India where she studies Yoga and the Tibetan language, talk about adventurous! She frequently goes to Asia where she designs and executes short term study programs for American universities, and with so much to do, she still finds the time to share with us her memoirs of what she describes to be one of the most charming cities, Prague…

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