3 months on the road with our TUMI suitcases

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After carrying around crappy suitcases for many years, we thought it was about time to upgrade our suitcase gear for our trip to 33 cities (22 in Europe, 11 in North America) last April, May and June.

TUMI, A brand we’ve always admired but could never afford, has been so kind to designate us “TUMI Friends of the Brand” and sponsor our suitcases. In return we test their products and share our honest experiences on blogs & social media.

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We have given the TUMI suitcases a really good test over the last few month, traveling by train, bus, airplane and car to 23 cities so far. They still look like new, and we’re still in love!

What’s so special about these suitcases?

Classy & timeless design

We’ve always really liked the minimalistic and stylish design of TUMI. Connaisseurs (and fellow owners) will recognize another TUMI suitcase. Others will probably not even notice what brand it is, but will probably agree they look good.

Durable materials

The crappy suitcases we’ve always bought, looked pretty nice when we bought them. After a city trip, they did not look so nice anymore. And then parts started coming off, the wheels didn’t roll as smooth anymore, etc.

Sanne's Tumi Tegra-lite

Our Tumi Tegra-lite

TUMI suitcases are made of the most durable materials available. Especially the new TegraLite series are a work of industrial art. They’re made of aircraft-grade aluminium materials – ultra strong, and ultra-light.

After 2 months of very intensive traveling, everything about the TUMI cases looks like new. I love the fact we’ll probably be able to use the cases for at least 25 years.

Made for travelers

TUMI Sarajevo

A TUMI suitcase is not just a big box with a zipper, it’s designed for travelers. There are pockets for everything. We always used to just throw in what we wanted to take and sit on the suitcase to close it.

The more you use a TUMI suitcase, the more organized you get. We especially like the fact each TUMI has 2 big compartments – one for the top part, and one for the bottom parts. You can open the suitcase and hold it upside down without anything falling out.

A smooth ride…

Over the last few months, we’ve rolled our suitcases an estimated 40 kilometers. On train stations with a good floor you just need a finger to roll a heavily loaded suitcase on its 4 wheels. Of course it doesn’t perform as well on the rough cobblestones of Bratislava city center, on sand streets and cross country through parks, but the wheels have held up very well on the streets of Europe’s cities!


The TegraLite series has integrated locks – very handy as we always seem to lose the separate number locks. I would recommend TUMI to integrate them in all series!

Every suitcase has a unique number. If you happen to lose it, you can find it back with the Tumi Tracer tracking service.

To conclude: buying a TUMI suitcase is not cheap. The 2 big and 2 small bags we have cost Euro 2600,= in the store. It’s best to look at it as an investment – we’re pretty sure they’ll last and still look smart after 25 years.

Want to win a TUMI suitcase? Keep checking the blog and our social media… TUMI has offered us the chance to give away (and ship) one Tegra-Lite carry-on bag. The competition will be online  in a few weeks!

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by TUMI, but opinions are our own!

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