4 days in Cologne!

Last weekend we celebrated the launch of Spotted by Locals Cologne with our Spotters and stayed in the city for 3 days determined to visit all 80 spots currently online.

We had a blast but failed in our mission. Cologne is just too big, and the spots too much fun to tick off and run to the next spot… We managed to see about 60 spots though!

Köln Triangle (by Stephan Wehrle)

Cologne is a very creative city. It’s the first city where we’ve ever seen a communal bike repair shop – you donate a little to become a member and get access to all tools. On Friday night we stumbled upon a group of young guys with a portable speaker and microphone, who were doing some freestyle hip-hop battling.

Stiefel (by Stephan Wehrle)

And lots of cool high-quality street art everywhere! Especially the Ehrenfeld area is a haven for street art lovers.

Lommerzheims Brauhaus (by Max Res)

As are quite a few other German cities, Cologne is known for beer. Excuse me, Kölsch… One of our favorites was the beer garden of Lommerzheim where we had some good laughs with the friendly locals. Not a single tourist in or outside the building!

As in most cities, we don’t do extensive research before we go. We pick an area, and go from spot to spot using the 100% offline Spotted by Locals app!

Cologne train station (by Wikimedia)

We also met one of the many Cologne locals who has been on our waiting list for a long time before our launch, and we hope to introduce this Spotter with loads of cool spot ideas soon!

More? Check our Cologne guide and app!

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