5 Cities – 5 Locals – 5 Unique tips (2)

Image by The Invisible Exhibition

Image by The Invisible Exhibition

Our regular followers will know we share a nice and unique local’s tip on our social media channels every day. Tips and local recommendations that are special in their very own way. We’ve covered quite a few by now, so how about touching on some of the best insider knowledge that we have?

The Invisible Exhibition – Budapest

Pictured above is an example of the invisible exhibition found in Budapest. This exhibition is very emotional for some people and extremely fascinating for others because it demonstrates how a blind person lives their life. The whole concept of the exhibition came about when a German man wanted to experience life through the eyes of his blind wife.

This unique exhibition lasts about one hour in complete darkness; meaning that individuals have to use their senses in order to get by in seven different rooms! Don’t worry you will not be in there all alone, because it’s a team tour. Budapest local Michal Mimon mentions a few of the themes in this exhibition, which include a street you have to cross; a bar, where you have to try to pay for a drink; and a museum with statues. There is also an area where you can check out objects used by the blind people on an everyday basis. A great way of integrating locals and individuals from all over the world into the blind community!

Metro Spagna – Rome

Image by Giulia Riva

This lovely train station in Rome got its name from the famous Piazza di Spagna. This metro station was inaugurated in 1980 and remodeled with street art in 2014 by 999Contemporary Art Gallery. According to our Rome local Giulia Riva this wonderful project started inside the underpass leading from Piazza di Spagna to the trains. There you will find the most breathtaking street art pieces just like the one pictured above of the Pope near the ticket booth by C215. Moreover, the meaning of street art in Rome has certainly revolutionized throughout the years and has definitely contributed to the everyday life of individuals and of those in the creative sector. A perfect place to enjoy art and travel all at once!

Komiteti-Kafe Muzeum – Tirana

Image by Komiteti Kafe Muzeum

In Tirana you will find the “Komiteti-Kafe Muzeum” which means, a coffee shop and a museum in one place! This unique combination surely stands out from the other coffee spots in the city. Now if that isn’t enough to grab your attention, the picture above demonstrates the interior of this lovely coffee spot/museum. According to our Tirana local Eri Mataj  “the place’s interior design is inspired by the communism era in Albania: the furniture, the walls and even the toilet.” What makes this spot even more fascinating to our locals is that it offers 18 different types of Raki, an unsweetened type of alcohol with the taste of anise; which is a very famous Albanian drink. The relaxing ambience and the interior design of this spot is what has won the hearts of the locals and it will surely be convincing for you as well!

Apple tile – Vilnius

Image by Kamil Narai

Now I’m sure after you read the title “apple tile” you’re probably thinking why would you want to see a tile with an apple on it or why would we put this on this list? Well this apple tile in Vilnius isn’t just a tile! “Apple” tile or Obuoliukas plytelė in Lithuanian is one of the most popular spots at the S. Moniuškos Square. This art piece was created by artist Gitenis Umbrasas in 2007. And the whole concept behind the apple and heart symbolically reminds the Lithuanian locals of the love story between Adam and Eve or the beginning of planet Earth. According to our Vilnius local Kamilė Naraitė this spot is a popular place for all lovers since the Apple tile unites Lithuanian people and tourists for a lot of cultural events! This is absolutely one of the best places to relax and meet other locals and tourist alike in the city center!

Forbidden Spot – Prague

Image by Josef Evcik

Image by Josef Evcik

This all-in-one spot in Prague may not look like your everyday go-to spot but you will be surprised at all it has to offer. According to our Prague local Josef Ševčík Forbidden”is a project of the iconic clothing brand ‘Life is Porno’ and Prague’s first pop-up restaurant Forbidden Taste”. Within the building itself you will find an area for graffiti art, the clothing line and finally the restaurant. This isn’t your ordinary all-in-one building and the combinations of art food and clothing is what makes this spot so unique in Prague. The restaurant menu varies all the time and they even offer food for dogs just in case you were planning on bringing yours. Now that’s what you call an extraordinary spot. This is the type of place where the locals in Prague prefer to enjoy their downtime. Now even you have the option of experiencing this place like a real local!

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