5 Cities – 5 Locals – 5 Unique tips (3)

DIDU by Alexandra Kinevskaya

DIDU by Alexandra Kinevskaya

Our regular followers will know we share a nice and unique local’s tip on our social media channels every day. Tips and local recommendations that are special in their very own way, places you might not find in other cities. We’ve covered quite a few by now, so how about touching on some of the best insider knowledge that we have?

DIDU – Moscow

DIDU caters to people of all ages. During the week it is an artistic restaurant with nice food, good for dates and family lunches. During weekends this place goes wild with great music and good cocktails. But the pièce de résistance is their interior. Everything inside seems to be created with plasticine and you’re invited to stick your own creations to the walls as well! So, roll out the dough, so to speak, and leave your mark in Moscow.

Ciuciu – Krakow


Lollipops by Andrew Malone (Flickr)

This is the smallest candy shop in the world! If that isn’t enough to grab your attention, the fact that they make their own candy right in front of you should surely have you agreeing. Whether you want a bunny, hearts, or a pirate lollipop; this place has it all! According to our Krakow local Anna Wontorczyk the candy factory claims to use original 17th century recipes to make all their candy, by hand, fresh every day. Moreover, special orders are also accepted if you’d like to personalize your shopping experience. If you have a sweet tooth then this candy shop in Krakow is definitely worth a visit!

Rosenporten – Stockholm

Rosenporten Wikimedia commons

Rosenporten Wikimedia commons

This street is one of the oldest streets in Stockholm. But that’s not all the history this incredible spot has; according to  Stockholm local Joel Rapi at the end of the alley, at number 8, one finds a wooden door, believed to be from the 1580s and arguably the oldest door in town. The most interesting and unique aspect of this door is the fact that it was once the address of Karin Månsdotter, a commoner whom king Erik IV fell in love with and made his royal mistress before formally marrying her. This is certainly a great way to learn about the history of a different country and gain knowledge at the same time.

Asamhof – Munich

Asamhof by Alexander Chukovski

Asamhof by Alexander Chukovski

There’s a world of kitsch, glamour, colors, glitter and 90s plush hiding in a passage between Kreuzstraße and Sendlinger Straße.  Plenty of good restaurants and bars have made their home in the Asamhof, so there are plenty of reasons for you to stay. But the reason for you to go in the first place is the wild and colorful decorations some of these restaurants have used on their patios. Borrowing the name from the Asam church next door, it sort of lives up to that name in terms of splendor.

Mineral water – Sofia

Mineral water of Sofia by Boyko Blagoev

Mineral water of Sofia by Boyko Blagoev

Not many cities can boast of a watering hole as large as this one, and a free one at that. Locals in Sofia have an extraordinary mineral water fountain where many people fill bottles to last them for weeks! According to Sofia local Boyko Blagoev the water was used for medical purposes in bathhouses all over the city. They say you can heal anything with the mineral water here except, unfortunately, a broken heart. Don’t be surprised at the temperature of the water.

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