5 Cities – 5 Locals – 5 Unique tips (6)

Designpanoptikum in Berlin (by Robby Block)

Designpanoptikum in Berlin (by Robby Block)

Our regular followers will know we share a nice and unique local’s tip on our social media channels every day. Tips and local recommendations that are special in their very own way, places you might not find in other cities. We’ve covered quite a few by now, so how about touching on some of the best insider knowledge that we have?

Designpanoptikum – Berlin

Sometimes it seems that Berlin is the kind of city that just can’t stop being quirky and surprising, but at the same time – incredibly charming. Designpanoptikum is a great example. Ok, so you’re probably thinking, “What on earth is that?”. Well, we are here to tell you more. In order to make things easier, Designpanoptikum actually means the Surreal Museum for Industrial Objects. Our Spotter Robby writes that “From the street you can see this place is clearly the work of a creative mind run wild in a post-Soviet industrial junkyard”. When you enter the museum, you are most likely greeted by its owner Vlad, who will briefly introduce the idea behind Designpanoptikum: he collects old objects, for instance, medical tools or details from various constructions, and creates new, unique and even kind of weird pieces of art. By the way, Robby says that in the back room you will find Vlad’s gallery of bizarre (of course) photography collection. No need to say more, it’s a fully unique experience. Again, in Berlin.

Atelier Herenplaats – Rotterdam

Atelier Herenplaats (by Rénia Sastrowidjojo)

Atelier Herenplaats (by Rénia Sastrowidjojo)

Atelier Herenplaats is really special and unique in its own way. Our Spotter from Rotterdam

Medika – Zagreb

Image by Karla Lončar

Image by Karla Lončar

The best way to get to know a city’s atmosphere is through its culture. Especially when the cultural aspects are presented at unique places that are usually known only by locals and, of course, are off the beaten path. Zagreb has such unique spot which is called Medika. It is the Autonomous Centre for Culture that was established in the former medical factory Medika. Actually, this spot is the first legal squat in Zagreb, which now is mainly used for cultural and educational events. Our Spotter Karla says that “This place offers an open-door policy for everyone who wishes to share their art, organize educational workshops, flea markets or participate in such activities”. Medika also organizes art exhibitions, concerts and various parties (that usually take place in a few different rooms). Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Medika honestly welcomes everyone who wants to spend a memorable day/night in Zagreb. So, what you are waiting for?

Palata Srbije – Belgrade

Image by Djordje Vidojevic

Image by Djordje Vidojevic

“For a city that has been destroyed down to the ground 42 times, sometimes it can be a challenge to preserve some of its magnificent buildings” – says our local Djordje from Belgrade. And he is absolutely right. Various disasters throughout history has left many cities without certain pieces of their exceptional architecture. However, the city of Belgrade has this unique building that’s remained unaffected and that’s a huge win for the city’s history. This place is called Palata Srbije (which means The palace of Serbia) and it’s the biggest building in Serbia. Now it is used by the government, but it’s not the purpose of the building that makes it unique, it’s the vibe that it has. Coldness, majesty, some kind of gloom… It’s really difficult to explain the feeling that Palata Srbije transmits. Djordje suggests to visit it before the sunrise, so don’t be too lazy, wake up as early as possible, it will be worth it!

The Soviet Arcade Machine Museum – Saint Petersburg


Image by Christina Rosivack

Saint Petersburg could be crowned as the city of museums that are spread all over the city. BUT we won’t let you go anywhere without visiting probably one of the funniest and most unique museums in the city – the Soviet Arcade Machine Museum. When you enter the museum, you get your “ticket”: an envelope that is full of coins that you can use for those old-school game machines. The museum has over 40 units and most of them can still be used for playing games. Of course, if you prefer modern video games, the museum has a special treat for you: a special room, dedicated to up-to-date games (the bar is included!). Our local Christina suggests to visit the museum with a group of friends since most of the games include two-player settings. Enjoy!

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